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We are a private Personal Protection K9 Training Club. We train for live street and Personal protection and security. We use the NVBK way of raising and strengthening young dogs into powerful adult K9's with solid social temperament. All techniques are the old Belgian ways of training and we work all of the NVBK exercises. Call 561-791-9622 for further info.

Our goal is to produce high quality home protection dogs first. Highly trained K9's for an urban or city environment. Quality of the bite must be maintained on all of the protection program. Full hard bites always.

Our training style and decoy work is NVBK Belgian Ringsport. It's totally different than Schutzhund, and French Ring Sport... Very simular to KNPV. We accept working bloodlines in the working K9 breeds.

Our Training Program trains your dog these skills:

Once your dog is trained, your dog must pass a Civil Aggression test before you can test for the Protection K9 Certification. You must first pass the Protection K9 Certification before testing for Urban K9 Certification. 

  1. civil unrest k9 training programHandler defense (different scenarios with gun fire).

  2. Short and long attack (with guards).

  3. Find and bite the man (search with and without a muzzle and gun fire)).

  4. Stop attack.

  5. Object guard.

  6. Object guard with a muzzle.

  7. Muzzle attack (short and long).

  8. Obedience (on and off leash).

  9. Article hunt (glove, wallet, small metal pipe, empty bullet).

  10. Hurdle

  11. Hurdle with a ditch.

  12. Long jump with a ditch.

  13. The wall.

When your K9 is fully trained on our 5 or 13 training program you and/or your dog will undergo a skills trial and, upon successful completion, you will receive a title. We offer two titles (certifications):  

  • Civil Aggression Test
  • Protection K9
  • Urban K9


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