Power Biting System Manual

The safest way of making working dogs. It will raise your success percentages in not ruining pups and young adults after the teething stages. It will guarantee you a higher percentage of success your production output as a breeder, trainer, broker. Making your K9 sales profitable. If you purchase the Power Biting Systems Manual. I will also answer your questions. Up to one hour. Opening up the secrets and the art of making dogs.

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Power Biting System Manual

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Power Biting System

The Power Biting System is a three step training process that begins with a young dog and completes when the dog is fully mentally matured. I started using it in 1994 and have continuously honed this training method over 2.5 decades of work with personal and professional working K9s and their handlers. It is simply the most advanced bite work training and working K9 system in the world.



The major difference between a sport dog and a police or personal protection dog is that the sport dog is trained in prey biting. It develops and produces a different mentality in the K9 when he is engaged in the bite and in how he looks and thinks of the decoy. In prey biting, the dog looks at the decoy as a training partner or his friend. He is conditioned to bite and rehearses over and over in a handful of exercises to perfect them and pass the trial and obtain his title. The dog also learns that it’s not real. It’s a game. The attack will last 15 seconds or whatever amount of time and nothing bad will happen to him in the end of the exercise. That’s sport prey bite work outcome.

There are three exceptions to this rule. NVBK, KNPV, and Civil Unrest K9. The first two are sports (NVBK, KNPV). The major difference is in how they are decoyed. The method of decoying is totally different to the other dog sports and the end product is far superior. The end result in the power and hardness of the K9 bite work is far greater in the dogs that come through NVBK and KNPV. This became very apparent to me back in the late eighties and early nineties. The most significant difference in KNPV and NVBK sports was that the decoys do not help the dogs. They are stationary and sometimes static bites for the K-9’s. What does this do? It forces the dog to bring the fight to the decoy. The decoy is never helping the K9 by running around and moving. All that does is promote prey biting and it is an easier bite for the dog. The stationary bite puts a lot of pressure on the K9, so it is a harder bite. The dog chases the rabbit, bites and holds on. No fighting instincts are ever developed. Well in static bite training several things happen:

  1. You eliminate weak dogs because they don’t have the fight instincts to do the static biting.
  2. The k9 is seeing and looking at the decoy with a totally different mentality. He is thinking this is a real fight, not a game. So he is working not in prey instincts, but instead he is using his fight instincts. He is being developed in a totally different and much more suitable mentality for real street bite work.

That is the major difference between developing a sport dog and a police or personal protection K9.

The Power Biting System is the most advanced proven bite work system in the world for street bite work (police or personal protection dogs). As a matter of fact with the proliferation of social media, it is being used globally by the majority of the top trainers. They either admit it or they don’t, but trust me, if they don’t admit it, they are using it in the basement.

In this Power Biting System Manual, you will get a full description of the three steps in the bite training system. We have trained our police and personal protection dogs for the last two and one-half decades, since 1994.

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